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How to Order

We use Paypal and Skrill as our payment processor. We support Paypal and major credit cards around the world.

Please follow these steps to order an Item:

1. Visit our store: and find items you want to buy. You can add multiple items by clicking on Add to Cart button.

Add to Cart (candlencaleb)

2. Once you're ready to check out, hit the cart button on the upper right side of the website and it will take you through the Check-out process.

Cart button (candlencaleb)

3. Enter your Shipping address correctly. This is very important. If you need to make changes in your shipping address, contact us right away at 

4. Next select your Shipping method.

5. Select Payment method. You can choose either Paypal or Skrill to process your credit card. You can use Paypal as your payment option but if you want to use your credit card directly, click on "Pay with Debit or Credit" button

pay with credit (Paypal)

Credit card details (Paypal)

7. Another option is to use Skrill. But unlike Paypal, you have to sign up first before you can use it. Choose which Payment method that best suits you. We added Skrill to give options to other customers who live in countries that doesn't support Paypal.

skrill payment

skrill payment

8. That's it. Click Pay now. Your order will be processed and we'll receive them automatically. You will receive an email confirmation regarding your order. 

We'll also send you your tracking number once we shipped your items.

If you have any questions or having issues placing your order, send us an email at and we'll be happy to assist you.

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